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Liquid Alfalfa

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Alfalfa (Medicago sativa, Luzerne) is a variety of clover. The vitalized effect of it is already used by the Arabs for centuries. They gave the name to the versatile plant: Alfalfa - "father of all nutrients".

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Liquid Alfalfa      Liquid Alfalfa natura

In our civilized society our food has often not any more the necessary amount of nutrients to feed us in the best possible way und to keep our body healthy and vital. Our organism tries to adjust to the shortcoming ? tiredness, stress or even sickness are the consequences, if the necessary minerals and trace elements, enzymes, vitamins and also plant-based energy supplies with a lot of natural chlorophyll are not added as food supplementary.

Beside a wide range of vitamins and mineral nutrients, which are easy absorbed by the human body, essential amino acids and trace elements, in Alfalfa is also the chlorophyll, which is also important for human beings.
Chlorophyll, the natural exilir of life, is the green pigment of plants. For the process of Fotosynthese it absorbs the energy of the sunlight and and stores it. Chlorophyll is a rich source of natural mineral nutrients, vitamins, protein, trace elements und micro-nutrients. All these are necessary for life for maintaining health, especially for regulating the acid-base balance in our body. Nutritional scientists have already confirmed long time ago the nutrient value of Chlorophyll and they recommend the regular use of it. Today scientists are able to withdraw the Chlorophyll from Alfalfa-leaves with the help of modern technology und to win a concentrate. You also extract the active enzymes and mineral nutrients in such a way, that we can absorb them as nutrients und in that way we can increase our health.

Different Nobel prize winners have paid attention to health, detoxication and especially to Chlorophyll in their works. For example in the year 1912 Dr. Alexis Carrel mentioned that cells are immortal. In her research she showed the importance to withdraw toxic substances from the body for staying healthy. In the year 1915 Dr. Richard Willstatter received the Nobel prize for his discovery of the chemical structur of Chlorophyll. According to that it consists of a network of carbon-, hydrogen-, nitrogen- and oxigen atoms, which surround only one magnesium atom. And in the year 1930 Dr. Hans Fischer received a Nobel prize for the discovery of the chemical structure of hemoglobin. At this time he was very surprised that this structure is closely the same as the structure of Chlorophyll.
Liquid Alfalfa is very effective: it can hinder the growth of fungal skin infection, it can improve the health in the area of mouth-throat, it can improve the blood circulation, prevent smells of the body, influence health processes in a positive way and many other things.

The advantages and the positive effect of Liquid Alfalfa

  1. cleansing - Chlorophyll can help with the cleansing process and with the removal from uncleanness from our body.
  2. regulation - Chlorophyll can balance the hormons and regulate the acid-base balance in our body.
  3. diet - Chlorophyll can provide nutrients for the blood for the increase of the oxygen content und provide for the number of the red blood cells.

For the process of Fotosynthese Chlorophyll catches and stores the energy of the sunlight. This energy is necessary for changing water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) into glucose (C6H12O6), the main energy source for living organism.

Recommendation for the use of Liquid Alfalfa

For the increase of your health adults can mix in three times a day before the main meals one or two tablespoons of Liquid Alfalfa in water (after their desire: cool or warm) (about 250 ml) and then they can drink it shortly before the meal. For children is recommended to mix on teaspoon Liquid Alfalfa in a glas water (about 250 ml).
Additionally it is recommended a healthy diet with a lot of vegetable and rich in nutrients. Drink a lot of clear water und live a healthy life. If you exercise a lot, you should also give your body enough time to rest.

A permanent usage over a longer period of time is possible, because Liquid Alfalfa can strengthen the immune system.

Components Liquid AlfAlfa

From the group vitamin A: Beta Carotin
From the group vitamin B: Biotin, -Cholin, folic acid, Inosit, Pantothen acid and -Pyridoxin (vitamin B6)
vitamin C

From the group vitamin E: octacosan
vitamin K
saponin und sterin-mixture

Trace elements: selenium, silicon, tin, zinc,potassium, phosphorus,aAluminium, cobalt, chrome, manganese, magnesium und iron

Tarbohydrate and proteine in their amino-acid-components

8 essential enzyme: Lipase, Amylase, Coagulase, Emulsin, Invertase, Peroxidase, Pectin, Proteinasen
During the process of winning Liquid Alfalfa the active enzyme are looked after and are maintained, so that they can develop their promoting effect in the body.


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Liquid Alfalfa

Liquid Alfalfa

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa, Luzerne) is a variety of clover. The vitalized effect of it is already used by the Arabs for centuries. They gave the name to the versatile plant: Alfalfa - "father of all nutrients".